Monday, November 8, 2010

ABC Swap

This summer I participated in a Vintage Style ABC Book Swap. Previously I posted about the letter "O" that was my contribution. The other day I received my long-awaited copy of the entire book.

Our swap hostess Marian bound our books for us in embellished vintage Bobbsey Twins book covers. We each got a prize ribbon attached to the front (I think we all got a First Prize ribbon...) I'm not going to show you every page here, but I'll pick a few favorites.

The book starts off beautifully with the letter A, featuring King Arthur in Avalon with apple blossoms, done by Alisa of

Here we have Letter D, with a pretty doll holding a dog, and a connect the dots, among other things. This page was done by Judi of

Here is Letter E, with an elephant, an English rose, and the Eiffel tower. The envelope contains eggplant seeds, and behind the little door with the emerald knob is a picture of an egg. This page was done by Kim of

Here we have the Letter G, which, I will admit, is my favorite page in the book. It features a gnome and some goldfish on a vintage grocery list. It was done by Gina of

Here is Letter L, with a sweet lamb and some lilacs. It was done by Terri of

This is Letter N, with nude nerdy Nancy in a nest. This page was done by Natalea from She has some photos from her copy of the book on her blog.

This is Letter T, with Tina and her pink typewriter. It was done by Grace from

The Letter U page was done in a USA theme by our hostess Marian. She doesn't have a blog, but if you would like to get in touch with her you can email me. Marian worked so hard on putting this whole swap together. It was a lot of fun, and everyone really put forth a great amount of effort and creativity on their pages. I am happy to have been a part of it!

**PLEASE NOTE: All images are copyright. Please do not use without permission from the creators. Thank you.**


Lauren said...

Wow - what a great effort by all of the participants! It was fun to see. Thanks for sharing.

~Debi said...

Fabulous! What an awesome book! :)

fanciful devices said...

This is adorable!!! and certain swap books make no sense- this one actually makes sense. I can totally see a little girl flipping through this and just LOVING to learn letters.

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