Friday, July 30, 2010


I have always avoided putting a ruler in my eBay photos, because I feel that it clutters up the photo, and I already have the size of the item listed clearly in the description. But then I found these cool rulers the other day when I was out shopping:
Aren't they great? They're from a company called Timeworks Inc. that also makes some really cool clocks.

Nice, huh? Now, back to the rulers.
I recently had an incident where a lady purchased some of my vintage clam shell cabochons, and when she received them, she wrote to me upset that they were MUCH too small to put in her garden! LOL.
I did have the size clearly listed (not to mention the fact that they were listed in the jewelry category...), but I think a lot of times people just don't read the description. So, I'm considering using these rulers in my photos. What do you think?

New in Shop

I just wanted to let you know about these new Czech glass rhinestone buttons I put in my eBay store today.

I'm not sure if they are bees or flies, but whatever they are, they're awfully cute. I've had them before in different colors and they have sold quickly, so I expect these to do the same.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learning to Collage

I have never been very good at making collages. I just can't seem to get that effortlessly random look. Everything I make comes out looking forced, because I've spent way too much time organizing and reorganizing the pieces. It's too bad, because collages seem like such an interesting method of expression. And I have a huge amount of ephemera and papers just begging to be used.

So, I was excited when I recently learned about an online class called "Your Vintage Gluebook" being offered by Mary Green of

It is a 9 lesson class, teaching all aspects of good composition, with many helpful tips along the way.


The above collage, done by Mary, shows the type of work being done in the class. Two more examples (also by Mary) are shown below.

I've just signed up, and I can't wait to get started! If you'd like to sign up too, you can here.  Please note that the actual 9 lesson class took place in May, but the class remains available to take at your own pace.

I will be using the book "Rose in Bloom" that I recently bought at the Antique Mall for my gluebook. I hope to show you some of my pages very soon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Finds

Just a short drive from my house is one of the largest antique malls in the country. It is the Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, South Carolina. It has over 200 vendors, most of them packed full of little knick knacks, or, as the professionals call them, "smalls". I try to go there about once a month to see what's new. Here is what I found on my latest trip...

 Cute peachy drinking glasses. Unfortunately, when I got home and looked at them closely, I saw that they are dated 1987 - not nearly as old as I thought they were. Oh well, they're still cute.

Isn't this beaded collar pretty? It's in such perfect condition, too. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I just couldn't pass it up. Any ideas out there?

This is my third cat teapot, along with a pretty wooden cigar box, and a nice hardcover book called "Rose in Bloom". I have an interesting project involving the book that I'm going to tell you about soon.

Wow. Such lovely packaging on these vintage hairnets. For $1 each, I had to get them both.

Look at the great millinery flowers on this hairband.

Jars of buttons can be hit-or-miss, but I got a good one this time. All these were inside, and then some.

I know these lamb planters aren't for everyone, but I happen to like them. And the Mary has such a sweet face.

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing my newest treasures!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fanciful Devices

This is my first "customer gallery" post. It features the incredibly talented jewelry designer Marina from Fanciful Devices. I have been a fan of hers for quite some time. She has a sophisticated, time-worn, otherworldly aesthetic that's like nobody else's. Look what she's made:
Above she has used some little flatback rhinestone circles in a simple, yet elegant way.
 And here, she has given this vintage French glass buckle a new home in one of her beautiful sewn cuffs.
 Above is a pair of her "rag & bits" earrings that use some of my glass navette rhinestones in prong settings at the top.
Here is another cuff - this time using one of my clear glass crown shaped sew-ons. I think this one may be my favorite!
 And lastly, we have another pair of "rag & bits" earrings, using some old worn faceted iridescent beads. I had actually given her these beads because I didn't think I could sell beads that were so worn. As you can see, she has managed to give them a whole new life.

All of these items and more are currently available in the Fanciful Devices Etsy shop. She also has an interesting blog here. Please stop by and pay her a visit!

Now, the bar has been set very high for all of you out there. I expect to see some great things from you!

Friday, July 23, 2010

So what, exactly, is this all about?

This is already my third post, and I have yet to tell you about the purpose of this blog. So! I am going to do that right now...

I will use this blog as a tool to announce new items in the shops, sales and things like that. I will also use this blog to showcase photos of jewelry and crafts that my customers make using the supplies they buy from me. Haven't you wondered what people do with all those supplies? Like these...
I certainly have! (If you are a customer and you have pictures of items you've made with my supplies, then please email me!) Also, I will be posting about craft projects I'm working on, antiquing finds, and maybe even the occasional recipe. Who knows?! I hope most of all, that I can maintain a blog that is fun to look at each time you visit!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Haiti By Hand

I just wanted to let you know that I have an item in the wonderful "Haiti by Hand" Etsy shop. It is this item here:
UPDATE: The item has sold.
It is a "petite inspiration box" that I made for Speckled-Egg's recent Petite Inspiration Box Swap - Paris Edition. It is a jumbo sized matchbox, decorated in a Parisian theme, and filled with an array of mostly vintage craft supplies in shades of cream and gold to coordinate with the outside of the box. All proceeds go to Rebecca Sower's Haiti by Hand project. You can find out more about her and her inspiring project here.

Will Work for Sheep

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! It was designed for me by my sister who is a graphic designer, but this is the first time she has done a blog. I think it came out quite well - Perfect, actually! She has been designing it in her spare time, and as an incentive for her to finish, I offered her a small prize. She collects sheep. So, I offered her a sheep of her choice from Colin's Creatures.
If you don't know about Colin's Creatures, he is J. Colin Richmond, an artist living in North Carolina. He travels the world studying different breeds of sheep, and then he makes these fabulous little replicas of all the different breeds out of porcelain, hydrostone, and wool.
You can see many of them in his Etsy shop. And for even more, you can visit his website, where he has all of the breeds categorized by country. There are hundreds of them! So.... Which one did my sister choose?


     !!!!!!!!THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!
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