Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last Friday I didn't find anything much at the antique malls, so instead of showing my finds, I decided to do a little shopping around my own house. I went through a few old boxes, and here is what I unearthed:

Pretty vintage Czech glass beads, a heavy glass buckle, some buttons, and a rhinestone brooch...

I love this wide passementerie ribbon, but I don't have any ideas of how to use it. Vintage glass pearls, another rhinestone brooch, and some neat beaded petals...

Okay, so the wing I just acquired from Etsy, but it is so cool I wanted to photograph it. (It is half of a pair.) Some pretty buttons that I can see using as links in a bracelet or necklace, and a millinery feather doodad... 

And some other miscellaneous things that could be used for jewelry. The silver horse I remember purchasing when I was 18 - wow, that was 26 years ago!

I am really anxious to start making jewelry again, as I keep unearthing all these wonderful things to use. First though, I need to clean off my work space and organize my supplies, otherwise I'll just end up getting frustrated because I can't find what I need. This is a fairly massive undertaking, and I have started and stopped a few times. Maybe if I document my progress here, it will spur me along.

B'Sue Boutiques has been posting on her blog recently photos of people's messy workspaces. It is inspiring to know that everyone's space is not straight out of "Where Women Create". She posted today: "It doesn't MATTER if you have a big fancy space, all organized and perfect.   If you wait til that happens, you might never make a thing!" Point taken. Maybe I will have photos of my own messy workspace soon...


Laurie said...

I love those little beaded leaves (and a lot of your other stuff!) You would be heartened to see my craft room/studio! It's messy, but, I know where everything is!

fanciful devices said...

omg- how can you have these treasures and not use them! who cares where you make or how messy it is- the jewelry you make is its own little world...

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