Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New in Shop

I made some Valentine's themed vintage bobbins for my Etsy shop. I will have them listed later this evening.

Also, I received in the mail today a Walco Bead Co. wholesale catalog from 1955. It is quite interesting. I hope to put up some scans for you tonight.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Original Packaging Part 2

In my latest quest to find craft items in their original packaging, I found the coolest thing.

This is an original package of glass bugle beads from the Walco Bead company. These would have been ordered by a retailer, who would then sell the tubes individually. I have never seen the tubes packaged in their original box before (but then, I haven't been looking for these for long, so they may be out there...)

There are two layers of tubes in the package, and the tubes are glass, not plastic. I am not sure of the date on them, but I am guessing they are from the 1930's or 40's. I have ordered some old Walco Bead catalogs from a seller on eBay, and when I get them I should be better able to date these and some other Walco craft items that I have. The catalogs look pretty interesting in themselves - I'll post some photos when I get them.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wishes & Favorites

I always love a shopping website with a wishlist option. Especially if they sell vintage items. Give me a wishlist, and I'll fill it up! Usually with the most extravagant and impractical things that 99% of the time I will never end up purchasing. Here are some of my current wishlist and favorited items:

These are a set of vintage tole painted floral cocktail picks from eBay here. How glamorous and completely unneccesary are they?

This vintage "fortune teller" turban is from Etsy here. I love this hat. I have some sort of notion that I could make a big display with all my fortune telling teacups and cards and put this hat on a wig stand as part of the display. It sounds great, but I just don't have the room...

Everybody needs a vintage geisha girl whisk broom, don't they? This one is from Ruby Lane here.

Oh boy! An articulated wooden hand. I could actually use this as a display prop for bracelets, but at its price of $750, that's maybe not such a reasonable idea. From 1st Dibs here.

How about a beautiful never used antique powder puff wand? From Etsy here.

And lastly, a set of Victorian jeweled hairpins on their original card. Ooooh! Again from Etsy, here. Nice, but at $488, they'll have to stay on the favorites list for a long time.

How about you? Do you save expensive and impractical items to your wishlists that you'll most likely never buy?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Original Packaging

I have always loved vintage buttons on their original cards, but lately I've become interested in all types of notions and craft supplies in their original packaging. Here are a few examples of items I have acquired recently...

This is a vintage advertising pinkeep that was given to me by the fabulous Kimberlee Edgar of Edgar and Edgar. If you haven't heard of her, I suggest you visit her blog, and take a look at her "House of Edgar" and "Office of Edgar" photos. She has some extraordinary collections, including taxidermy, creepy dolls, Santos crowns, and antique costumes. You will be amazed!

Notions notions notions.

Not just any sequins, but fancy ones! Because of my business name, I love finding anything that says "Fancy" or "Fancy Goods" on it.

This is a wrapper for some vintage crepe paper, purchased from the Etsy store of the above mentioned Kimberlee Edgar.

This is the backside of the crepe paper wrapper, showing that you can make yourself a crepe paper gown. Oh my!

More crepe paper. Don't you love the label? Again, it is from Kimberlee Edgar's Etsy shop. She just has one listing for the paper, and you have to convo her about what colors you want, and if you're looking for a specific brand. She has lots of it though!

I have a few more "original packaging" items on their way from another Etsy seller. I will be sure to post photos when I receive them.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some New Things

I thought I'd show you some photos today of a few new things I got over the holidays.

This cute papier mache lady just arrived in the mail from a seller on Etsy. She is a lipstick holder (there are holes in the base around her), but for some reason, none of my lipstick tubes fit in the holes. I will have to think of another use for her. I like her pearl necklace and lace collar, and her big eyes.

These pretty cups were a Christmas gift. They are from Anthropologie. I know that, because I hinted not so subtly before Christmas that I wanted them.

 Here are some new soaps I got on a little shopping expedition. I've seen the Tokyo Milk designs on the internet before, but what I didn't know until I saw them in person is that they are accented with glitter. Well then, how could I pass them up? Especially because I collect both soaps AND fortune telling things! The turquoise rock in the front is also soap. I've seen rock soaps before, but never any that size. It smells good too.

I'm going to have lots of new and exciting projects to share with you in this coming year, so I hope you'll stay tuned.

Have a Happy New Year!
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