Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn Button Swap

I recently participated in The Button Floozies "Fall in Love with Buttons" swap. These are the buttons I sent my partner.

We were asked to put our buttons in a decorated Altoids tin. Since my partner works in a clothing store, I decided to use this paper with mannequins on it. I "bedazzled" it with tiny topaz rhinestones. The design is very simple - I let the buttons inside be the star. In retrospect, I realize that I should have decorated the inside of the lid. Oh well.

My partner appears to be among the missing now, so I am not sure whether I will get a box in return or not. If I do, I'll be sure to post photos! In the meantime, you can see all the other swap participants' boxes by clicking on the link party here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Victorian Mourning Kit

I have a new super deluxe fancy craft & embellishing kit available in my "fancylinda" Etsy shop.

It is a "Victorian Mourning" kit. Everything in it is black.

The pictures are a bit weird, because I had to make them very low contrast so you could see any of the details. Do you know how difficult it is to photograph an all black kit?

To see what all is included in the kit, go here.

Also, don't forget about Liz Mathews blog giveaway. You still have several days to sign up to win. Please go there and check it out!

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been avoiding joining Pinterest for quite sometime, because I knew it would be an enormous time waster for me. Well, I finally caved in and joined, and I was right about the time wasting. But it's fun!

Follow Me on Pinterest

You can check out my pins by clicking on the button above. I only have a few pins so far, but I am working on more. I will be adding more pins to the boards I have already set up, as well as adding some new boards.

I also added some goldfish to the left side margin of this page. Click your mouse on the water to feed them!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn Curiosities Part 2

As promised (but a few days late), here are the boxes I received from my swap partners in the Petite Inspiration Box Swap - Curiosities Edition.

Beautifully decorated boxes from Kris of Kristen Klump Pare (on the left), and Deborah of Deb's Vintage Soul (on the right).

Here are some of the contents of Kris' box. I had already opened the box previously and set some of the items aside that I wanted to use in projects, so this is not everything. And, I am pretty sure the doily in the center is actually from Deborah's box. I love the Halloween tag Kris made on the bottom right with key attached. Isn't it great?

Fun Halloween treats from Deborah's box. I love the vintage price signs. There are lots more of them, but I only photographed a few to give you an idea. And there were also lots more of the tickets too! See the vintage rhinestone buttons in the center? Lovely, yes? One day I will have to photograph my rhinestone button collection for you guys. And the little yellow slot machine on the top left? It actually works. Cute!

I always love doing these matchbox swaps. You get to meet new people, get new blogs to read, and get to share fun things. I'd say it was another success!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn Curiosities

I recently participated in Speckled Egg's Petite Matchbox Swap - Curiosities Edition. Here are the boxes I made for my partners.

Before I was assigned my partners in the swap, I had this idea of doing a really goth-y spooky dark themed box. However, once I got my partners and realized that they might enjoy something prettier and more "Autumn" themed, I changed my plans.

I decided on a sort of natural cabinet of curiosities theme, with lots of little bottles of things and items numbered like specimens in a collection.

I was pretty proud of the way these button cards came out. At first I tried handwriting the little numbers, but it didn't look right, so I ended up doing them on the computer. Yay for "Bickley Script", my new favorite font.

Once I added all the little numbers to everything, I think it really pulled it all together. What I forgot to photograph, was the index of all the numbers with a description of the items that I glued to the bottom of each box. Oh well - you get the idea.

So, what about my original goth-y spooky dark idea? I'm going to make one of those for my Etsy "fancylinda" shop. I should have it ready to sell this weekend.

And... tomorrow I will show you the boxes I received from my partners in the swap!

P.S. Don't forget about Liz Mathews blog giveaway. You can sign up to win every day of October. Please go there and check it out!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fabulous Giveaway from Liz Mathews

Hi there! Today I want to let you know about an incredible giveaway over on Liz Mathews' blog. If you are not yet a follower of her blog, you should be!

She posts about her flea market finds (and she has wonderful taste), her creative projects, and her travels.

For this giveaway, she is giving away an item for EVERY DAY of the month of October, and you can enter every day to win the whole lot at the end of the month!

And did I mention she has wonderful taste? Yes, I did.

This is going to be a phenomenal giveaway. The blue glass flower at the top of this post is today's item (Oct.1st). The other photos in this post are from her preview of the contest, and give you an idea of what's to come.

So, please, head on over to Liz Mathew's blog, become a follower, and enter today!

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