Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am auctioning off a large part of my fortune telling teacup collection this week on eBay.

 I just have too many of these cups and no place to display them, so I have decided to find new homes for seven of them.

I have some Aynsley ones, some Alfred Meakin ones, and two that are made in Japan.

So far, the favorite, with 3 bids already, seems to be this Japanese lusterware one with the cutout club shapes around the saucer. It is the most unique one from my collection.

This Aynsley patterned one is also popular, having the most watchers of all the listings.

If you're interested, head on over to my eBay store and place a bid, because after this week they'll be gone!

And it's not just the teacups that I'm downsizing. I've also decided to do something about the enormous quantity of decorative papers that I have.

I am cutting down my large sheets to more manageable 8-1/2x11 inch pieces, and selling them in lots of 50 assorted sheets for $12.50. That's just .25c a sheet for some very high quality papers! They are available now in both my eBay store, and my Etsy fancylinda store.

I've also gotten a request for some smaller size sheets, so I will be cutting some 4x6 inch ones tonight and posting them in both stores tomorrow.

Stay tuned, because you never know what I might decide to downsize next. (Even I don't know!)


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