Monday, June 25, 2012


So, I recently found out about this new live auction site called Tophatter. They have categories like "handmade" and "supplies", so I was intrigued. I decided I was going to find something to bid on, just to see how the site works.

It took me a couple days of looking before I found something I liked, because there really isn't that much stuff to choose from. I finally settled on a lot of antique handwritten journal pages from the 1850's. I waited until the auction was about to begin, and entered the room.

In the auction room, all the participants are represented by cartoon avatars. Everyone can chat amongst themselves, and when they do, talk bubbles appear above the participants who are talking. While I was waiting for my lot to come up, a lively conversation started between two women about a lot that had just ended. My lot came up, and the ladies were still talking. Their talk bubbles were distracting me, and obscuring bids from other participants on my lot. It was a bit nerve wracking. It all went so quickly, but it turns out I won the lot for just a few dollars more than I had originally intended.

My lot of journal pages arrived today. They are much smaller than I thought - only about 4 x 6 inches each. I now realize that there was no size mentioned in the description of the lot. They're kind of cool anyway though, but not really worth what I paid. I found out that the seller also has a store on Etsy, as do many of the other Tophatter sellers. I think I'd rather stick to buying on Etsy (and eBay) for now. It's much easier and less trouble than trying to bid on the same types of things in a fast-paced live auction full of cartoon people.

I am wondering if any of you have tried Tophatter? What do you think? Is it too new to judge yet? I'd like to know.


fanciful devices said...

Sounds damn stressful!

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