Thursday, February 21, 2013

Millinery Millinery Millinery

Just a quick post to let you know that I am letting go of a large amount of my millinery collection on eBay this week. I've got flowers...


and leaves...

There are 14 auctions listed so far, and more are being added tonight and in the next few days. So have a look here!

I also have some exquisite new Venetian beaded flower bouquets that will be listed on Etsy "Teapots & Telephones" later tonight.

I am really excited about these, and I think they will go quickly, so if you like them don't wait too long!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Preparing New Supplies for the Shop

Sometimes the supplies for my Etsy "Teapots & Telephones" shop need some assembling, adjusting, or tweaking before I can list them. I have been busy doing precisely those things lately.

First, I oxidized some pretty little vintage brass cage beads that arrived to me an unappealing shade of brassy copper, and inserted some glass pearls of various colors.

I oxidized some brass button shank findings, and set beautiful vintage glass rhinestones into them, to make some unique and special buttons.

And finally I oxidized some Indian brass beads that came to me such a bright and awful shade of gold I almost sent them back. But now look at them!

All these items plus more will be listed in "Teapots & Telephones" very soon if not already listed. The shop is rapidly expanding, so check back often for new and interesting items!
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