Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Basket Swap Part 2

Okay, I know it has been more than two weeks since I posted Part 1, but I told you I would show you what I sent my partner for the swap. So here it is...

This is the basket in its entirety. My partner, Kristen Klump Pare of Sweet Dreams Art Studio, said she liked creams and neutrals, so from here on out there will be creams and neutrals...

These are the different millinery floral items I included in the basket. I am not sure what the strange cream colored cherry things are supposed to be, but because this was a May basket swap, I am calling them May apples!

Here are all the miscellaneous tiny bits that I am known for, beads, buttons, rhinestones, etc. I had packaged these all in two little vintage boxes, but I neglected to take a photo of the outsides of the boxes. Sorry!

Fabric trimmings. One of my handmade lace cards done all in vintage cream flat laces. Some larger  pieces of lace, crocheted doilies and an embroidered hanky in the tied up bundle, and then some little vintage sew-on appliques in the cellophane.

Here is some vintage ephemera. My partner said she liked old script, so I made sure to include a couple examples of that, along with some book pages, wallpaper, music, vintage paper doilies, and some vintage French seed packet labels.

And finally, we have the May Basket earrings I made for the swap. The bottom parts (just the baskets with the flowers) used to be clip-on earrings. I took the clips off, and dangled them from some glass pearls and rhinestones and brass filigree, and there you have it. I made earrings out of earrings!

So, that is it. I really enjoyed this swap. Not just because of all the great stuff I received from my partner Kristen (see Part 1), but because I got to put together a nice package full of stuff for someone who would appreciate it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Basket Swap Part 1

I recently participated in a Petite May Basket Swap hosted by Cerri of The Little Pink Studio. It was a one to one swap, and my partner was fellow South Carolina resident Kristen Klump Pare of Sweet Dreams Art Studio. We were to fill a petite basket with nicely packaged goodies and supplies for crafting. Kristen cheated, by sending me way more stuff than would fit in a basket!

It was actually two baskets and a box. She decorated every little bit of it, too. Let us begin with the hanging wall basket on the left.

It is embellished all pretty for me to hang in my studio, and came filled with decorative papers, a Shabby Chic journal, and a nice cabinet card of a little girl.

Next we have the "main" basket, which I think Kristen sewed herself, and thoughtfully embellished with aqua ruffles because I had told her I like aqua...

What is in here?

All this! Some pretty ribbons wound onto a card with jewelry embellishment... one of her handmade posies (close up to follow...) a cute little millinery decoration, and two decorated kraft envelopes. And of course, the envelopes are not empty...

No, they're filled with cute handmade tags!

And here's a close up of the posey...

Isn't it pretty? Kristen makes and sells these in her Etsy shop here.

But wait, wasn't there also a box in that basket?

Yes, there was. And decorated with a pretty ribbon rose nonetheless...

(I just realized I may have wrapped that piece of lace around the box inside out, but it's still pretty either way.) And what is inside the box?

More tags and papers, and some pretty pictures of birds.

There was another little box too... the one that wouldn't fit inside the basket.

This one has a collection of pretty buttons and trinkets inside.

And that's it! Phew! Can you believe all the crafting and embellishing she must've been up to since the time the swap was announced? I am so lucky and grateful to have had Kristen as my partner for this swap. I love and appreciate every little detail. Thank you Kristen!

And, in Part 2, we will see what I sent her, including a special pair of "May Basket" earrings that I made just for the swap, so stay tuned!
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